Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit

Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit

Go-karting is a part of the PLUS' initiatives to educate drivers and soon-to-be drivers on the importance of discipline, respecting the limits of their vehicles and respecting the limits of their own capabilities. Go-karting applies strict rules and guidelines which relate closely to road safety.

The Speedway PLUS Circuit is also one of the Company's strategies to promote this fledgling motorsport industry and develop future motorsport champions for the nation. The Circuit played a significant role in developing international and local karting champions such as Jazeman Firhan Jaafar and Nabil Jeffri.

At 990 metres long, the Speedway PLUS Circuit in USJ, Subang, is one of the most heavily utilised tracks for race events in Malaysia.

Track Specifications
Location: KM8, USJ Rest & Service Area, ELITE Highway
Type: Paved Sprint
Rotation: Clockwise
Length: 990 metres
No. of Turns: 14
Circuit Owner: PLUS Malaysia Berhad
Circuit Manager: COMMA Motorsports


Track Rental
Weekdays: RM4,000 per day
Weekends: RM5,000 per day


Go kart Rental :- 019 318 8764 (Mizi)

Mini GP Rental :- 019 324 2935 (Masul)

Kapchai Rental :- 012 299 9013 (Jetlee)

Walk-in Customer
4 Stroke: RM50 per 10 minutes
2 Stroke (125cc): RM120 per 10 minutes



Sham : 019 3366 841
Office : +6019 3610 584

PLUSLine: 1-800-88-0000

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